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True Rainbow, True Love:
Gay Humility

"Gay Humility" by Marianne Arthur

Marianne ArthurAbout the Artist: Marianne Arthur is a long-time reader of the Good News Reflections on the readings from Catholic Mass. She humbly used her talent in collaboration with Terry Modica (Director of Good News Ministries and author of the Reflections for Couples) to produce a work of art that we can use to illustrate God’s plan for marriage.

What it means: The artwork depicts God’s plan for marriage as a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman. The rainbow, with a man and woman under it and Christ above it, represents the biblical meaning of the rainbow: HOPE and GOD’S PROMISE to save us from destruction. For Christians, Jews, and all believers in the Old Testament, the rainbow does not represent “gay rights”.

The picture shows what it means to be truly gay — JOYFUL — in marriage: The couple is kneeling — a gesture of humility instead of pride — and they are worshiping God together. They are joyful because the wonderful love of Jesus has redeemed them from slavery to sin. The water, which in the bible represents the Holy Spirit, is supporting their relationship and cleansing them, to sanctify their relationship and to empower them to live daily in the fullness of love.



Thank you for the post. I pray that one day very soon, my Lord will bless me with Love. Love from a good man who wants to enter into a life-long commitment with me. One with whom I can share all the fruits of the Holy Spirit and we treat each other with kindness and understanding and tenderness. And share immense joy in each other’s company and all the Divine blessing from our Lord so we can share that same joyful heart to others. Perhaps my special friend who I love will see the beauty in my heart and be the one. In Jesus Holy Name I pray..

Posted by Cec on May 20, 2017


    Posted by Tolu on June 24, 2017

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