What is your special gift that makes you a blessing?

the blessing of your loveHow are you God’s blessing to this world? Do you know? Most of us don’t see it. But our sweethearts do. So let me ask the question this way: How are you a gift to your beloved?

Your blessings — the ones you give to others — flow from whatever in you is gift. Your goodness comes from God and out flows out from you into the world. What is your gift?

Another way to find to the answer to this question is to ask: When are you happiest and most alive? What energizes you?

When we remove our masks and peel away the layers of behaviors and activities that others have pushed upon us, the real “me” shines. This is the “me” that was made in the image of God. This is the person whom God called by name before we were born. This is the beautiful gem that God designed as one of his masterpieces.

We are happiest and most alive when we are being who God created us to be, doing what God called us to do.

After my beloved Ralph was laid off a second time from the highly stressful corporate world and he entered into a new phase of life, reinventing himself, a long-buried gift in Ralph began to surface, resurrected like Spring tulips escaping from dormant bulbs. He is more alive now and more at peace and certainly much happier than he was when he had a “good” job, even though at this moment he is still in the transition period, building a business that has not yet provided income.

What is your gift? What makes you feel alive and happy when you’re doing it? And what will it take to remove everything that is not who you really are and is keeping you from doing what you are really called to do as God’s goodness, God’s gift to the world?

Reflection Questions:

  1. How is your beloved a blessing to you?
  2. How are you a blessing to your beloved?

Strengthen your relationship:
Take turns finishing this sentence: “The blessing that I’ve witnessed within you, energizing you and making you happy, is ____________.” Describe what you’ve seen and what you think it might mean for the future if this blessing is given more freedom to flow. Then pray together, asking the Holy Spirit to help you help each other release you gifts.

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    I hadn’t thought of my “gift”. Thank you for opening my eyes. I now realize that my husband has been a great gift to me. Reading this “Reflections of Couples” has been very useful in many ways.

    Thank you!!!


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