The value of reflecting on faith as a couple

Ralph and Terry Modica in 2015You share something special with your beloved that’s all too rare. You recognize the value of dialoging with each other on matters of faith. Before you signed up for these Reflections for Couples, how did you do it? Was that enough? Are you talking about faith more than you used to — as a couple? Have your prayer times together become more valuable?

I’d like to know: How have these Reflections for Couples enhanced your relationship with each other? How have they enhanced your relationship with God as a couple? I hope you will comment about this below. Others need to see it. Hey, I need to see it. Your comments will encourage me to continue providing this blog or else the lack of comments will speak loudly that there’s not enough value in keeping these posts coming.

You see, I’m facing a grave decision. I’m going to have to redirect my time into fund raising instead of posting more Reflections for Couples, producing new videos, and providing other services, because last December’s annual fundraiser fell too far short of the goal.

We need to put an end to the monthly shortfall if we’re going keep Good News Ministries going and growing. Each month costs $6000 more than we receive in donations (and believe me, we operate with smaller salaries and fewer expenses than most organizations). It will get us only through August at the current rate of monthly support. Three months from now, we might have to shut down. Heaven forbid!

Those who have already made the commitment of a recurring monthly donation are some of our best champions. Even small monthly donations become helpful when they add up over time. But unless the Lord graces us with full monthly coverage, the mid-year boost we need is $35,000.

Fund raising is very time consuming. To keep these Reflections for Couples coming, please visit now.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How has the Lord worked through these Reflections for Couples to bring me and my sweetheart closer to each other and closer to God?
  2. How can we help Good News Ministries in thanksgiving to the Lord for how much Good News Ministries has helped us?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe the value you have found in these Reflections for Couples. What has the Lord done in your relationship as a result of sharing them with each other? Pray together for the financial health and continuation of Good News Ministries.

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  • Paolo

    Your reflections helped me to build a more serious and profound relationship with my Wife and my family. I would like to read more of these. Thank you Terry

  • mabel

    Please don’t give up. My husband and I are in the ME Pastoral Team every other year of our prayer community.We conduct Marriage Encounter or Marriage Enrichment every year and also operate on a loss. We have been serving in ME for about 20 years now. This year we had 31 couples and when you listen to their testimonials, how they were as a couple before and after, we know that the Lord is very well pleased and yes, it is all worth the hard work. Be inspired that your Ministries have helped many couples too.
    Our program is based on Father Calvo’s program. The cost of each ME weekend was too much we had to brainstorm to find ways to reduce cost. The last 4 years we went from a “Live in Weekend” to Live Out to cut cost of using retreat centers or hotels, and baby sitting services too.
    The results and impact on couples are just as very good and retention of couples are the same. We hold a monthly get together of the participants for 12 months where we continue to refresh the talks from the ME. Here is where I refer to your reflections. Sometimes I forward your post to some couples facing issues , and where your posting is relevant to the particular topic. . Many of them join our Catholic Charismatic Prayer Community after the ME , where we also have Christian Discipleship Formation. Program. Yes, serving the Lord can be costly and difficult, ( we also serve in other ministries) but we are called to be Disciples of Christ and must be faithful to His calling. I am very sorry for not having sent you a contribution but I will do my best to send what I can afford. We are seniors on a pension and already I have cut many of my contributions lately , it saddens me.
    That “The Good News Ministries of GNM” will continue to be blessed will be in my prayers. May the Holy spirit continue to strengthen you and May the Peace,, Love and Favor of the Lord be with you always. God Bless.

  • Dawn

    I am grateful for your ministry!! The couples reflection are used by me and not so much together. They have kept me positive and shunned the devil away. I have been praying for a long time to have my husband join me in prayer. By the grace of God he has recently joined me. We are taking baby steps.

  • Adonis

    There is changing now in my family b/w me and my spouse, spiritually with your prayer. I pray that the Lord will come to your aid to keep going, don’t loose hope. God’s blessings, favours and providence will come ur way mightily & unexpectedly through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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