How to grow a strong relationship out of weakness

sharing strengths in marriageA good relationship has good strength coming from each partner. What the wife is weak in, her husband is strong in, and what the husband is weak in, his wife is strong in. Two are better than one. And three (bringing Jesus into the marriage) is even better.

Identifying our weaknesses might make us feel too vulnerable to admit, even to our sweetheart — perhaps even to ourselves. But we don’t grow stronger if we don’t face them and entrust them to each other. Weaknesses should be embraced as assets that can strengthen the unity of marriage.

My beloved Ralph is way stronger than me in math, accounting, researching and analyzing, while I’m stronger in planning, meeting deadlines and getting organized. So guess who pays the bills? We started out our marriage with the assumption that his love for math makes him ideal for paying bills. It didn’t take long, however, before he was searching through piles of mail, magazines, and other accumulations, mumbling, “I know that a bill is due soon and I know it’s here somewhere!”

I accepted the responsibility of bill-paying. He handles the annual IRS forms for income tax reporting. That’s great teamwork!

If we take advantage of our beloved’s weaknesses, applying our strengths simply because we have the opportunity — that’s being a bully. On the other hand, if we seek help with our own weaknesses while offering strength to our beloved’s weaknesses — that’s love. That’s true strength. Yes, it takes strength to seek strength from our sweetheart.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my beloved’s strengths? Does he/she hear me speak of them more than often than I point out his/her weaknesses?
  2. What are my weaknesses, and how can my beloved provide strength to compensate for them?

Strengthen your relationship:
Write a list of three of your own weaknesses. Share these lists with each other and describe ways that the other’s strengths have been (or could become) helpful in dealing with them. Then pray together, thanking Jesus for being the ultimate source of strength and asking him to provide strength where you both need it.

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