Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual intimacy is more than praying together, going to Mass together, and doing churchy things together. It’s understanding the calling to mission, the meaning of the Vocation of Marriage.

couple praying in church

We are Christ for one another. And we minister to the Christ who is in our beloved. In spiritual intimacy, we see past the flaws and sins of our sweetheart into the heart where Christ dwells, where the desire to be holy exists deep down.

Our vocation as a couple is to help each other become all that God the Father created us to be. It’s the calling to evangelize each other (and children) to grow in faith. It’s being strong in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit when the other is weak. And it’s listening to our beloved when we are the one who is weak in faith, doubting God’s help, or worried about the future.

Spiritual intimacy goes beyond our relationship. It produces the question: How can we help other couples experience the love and power of Christ that’s available in the Sacrament of Marriage? How can our relationship teach the world what God’s plan for marriage and family life really is?

Spiritual intimacy is heaven coming to earth. And it lasts for all eternity.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I minister to Christ who lives within my sweetheart?
  2. When my beloved looks at me, how visible in Christ in me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Take turns describing what you like best about your beloved’s faith. Then answer: What would you like your beloved to do that will help you with your own faith growth? Why would it be helpful to you? End the discussion with a shared prayer asking the Holy Spirit to strengthen your spiritual intimacy.

This is the seventh in an 8-part series on the intimacies that are so important for a good and lasting marriage.

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