Soaring on the wings of love

flyingTo make progress in our relationship with our beloved, or to move beyond difficulties, we need to be able to fly. Or, to say it better, our love needs to be able to fly. 

We can either be airborne or ground-stuck. 

When progress seems blocked, we can do much good by digging into it and unearthing what needs to be removed, but this often takes more effort and energy than we have. Or more effort than our beloved is willing to put into it just yet. It can be exhausting.

In Christ, we have an alternative. He gives us wings. He gives us the ability to soar above the mountains that we call obstacles. But this alone is not enough to give us flight. We can flap as furiously as our energy will allow and still remain ground-stuck. This is what happens when we pray for help and then act as if it’s all up to us.

We become airborne when we rely on the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the wind beneath our wings. The Holy Spirit is the breath of God that blows life into our prayers. To take flight, we rest on this. It seems counterproductive, but it works. God knows far better than we do how to make progress. And so we open our wings and fall — fall into the breath of God. 

We fall into the lift of the Holy Spirit by choosing to trust God’s wisdom and guidance. We are lifted up by letting go of what weighs us down, including (and especially) our own agenda, our own ideas, our own preferences for how progress should be achieved. 

Lean back, lean into the love of God. Rest there. Trust it. Forget your own thoughts and wait for the quiet whisper of the breath of God. Then open your wings to this love and fly. Your relationship with your beloved will fly high because it is powered by the love of God.

Reflection Questions

  1. What weighs me down when I think of something about my beloved that makes me unhappy? How can I turn that over to Christ and let go of it?
  2. What helps my beloved soar? What can I do to encourage that?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe to each other some examples from your lives when you felt like you were soaring high in God. How did it happen? What circumstances led up to it? How did it help you move forward in your journey of faith? Finish with a prayer for each other, asking the Holy Spirit to give wings to your beloved where it’s needed most.

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