How to find Jesus alive in your relationship

alive in ChristEvery marriage has its crosses. And every cross leads to resurrection: a renewed, stronger, more mature, more deeply loving relationship. That is, if both husband and wife know Jesus as God alive within the relationship. How is Christ alive in yours? Let’s look at some of the ways that it happens. Consider:

Do we both go to Mass and experience him in the Eucharist? Christ can be experienced in other parts of the Mass, too: the gathering of people, the songs, the scriptures, the homilies and prayers. When a spouse cannot receive the Eucharist for a legitimate reason, the rest of Mass is especially important.

Do we both hear him speaking in the depths of our souls? At times, one of us hears Christ more clearly than the other. The Vocation of Marriage is a calling by Christ to collaborate in the discernment process, helping each other to know Christ’s help, and being open to receiving this help.

Do we see him serving our beloved and children through our actions and attitudes? Do we recognize Christ in the love that our beloved has for us?

Do we feel empowered by Christ to excel in our work and to contribute to society in a way that makes this world a better place?

Is he slowly changing us — both of us individually? And is he slowly changing our relationship, as a Good Shepherd guiding us into becoming a stronger witness to others about why marriage with him really is the best way to have a couple-relationship?

Reflection Questions:

  1. Which of the above is the strongest way I experience Christ?
  2. Which of the above is the strongest way my sweetheart experiences Christ?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with each other how you’d like to experience Jesus more fully. Why? What seems to be missing? What can you do as a couple to grow more aware of Christ alive in your relationship? Pray together, asking the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of hearing Christ more easily and more clearly.

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