Good Friday’s gift: The radical love of sacrifice

Most of us have grown up in a culture that glorifies personal gain and makes the word “sacrifice” seem bad. We’ve been told repeatedly through various media that we should flee from pain, avoiding it at all costs. We’re supposed to expect others to make sacrifices for us, but we should not give up anything — not even a candy bar — for others.

Carrying Crosses TogetherNo marriage can last with that attitude.

Jesus taught by word and example that we are perfected by sacrifices and suffering: They are tremendous blessings in disguise. They have redemptive power.

We live in an imperfect world that produces trials. We have imperfect marriages that challenge with some of our most difficult trials. Each one of us sins, adding to the difficulties that others face.

What the worldly culture doesn’t realize, however, is that facing painful circumstances with an attitude of “with Christ, we can get through this” actually makes us stronger, better people. And if both spouses have this attitude, the marriage grows stronger. Even while it feels very weak, it is growing stronger.

We personally benefit from persevering through troubles. And the marriage matures into something more beautiful than the bride and groom could ever have imagined on their wedding day.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel about making a sacrifice for my beloved?
  2. Privately ask the Holy Spirit: What needs to change in me so I can make sacrifices more freely and joyfully?

Strengthen your relationship:
As a couple, share: What sacrifice have you recently made for me? I truly appreciate this because ____. Then pray together, thanking Jesus for the sacrifices he made for you. Name as many sacrifices as you can think of, beginning with his decision to live on earth as a human.

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