Enjoying the inner child within each of us

Playtime is important for our inner childPlaytime is important. Our inner child needs to be freed. And our beloved’s inner child needs our help in finding the freedom to have fun. We should have recess periods every day, taking time out from work and other adult responsibilities to enjoy our sweetheart like we did with our best friends when we were kids.

This is different than acting like a child or treating our beloved like a child. The inner child should never be allowed to supersede adult-level, mutual respect.

Here’s the difference:

Is there a problem that needs to be resolved? Don’t whine about it. Choose instead to discuss it rationally.

Is there a misunderstanding? Don’t assume the worst. Ask questions and humbly accept honest answers.

Is there something that worries you? Don’t insist that there’s a monster under the bed. Pray together.

Are you angry at your beloved? Don’t call him or her (or anyone else) names. Don’t cast blame. Accept responsibility, like Christ who willingly died for sins he did not commit.

Do you feel like you have to be in control? Don’t bully your beloved into compliance. Seek forgiveness and turn control over to God, who alone is wise enough for it.

And remember the good qualities of being a child: idealism, optimism and hope, smiling and giggling, trusting, finding creative ways to get around obstacles, hugging, and getting sidetracked by the glory of butterflies dancing in the air.

Our inner child can help us feel happier and makes us more endearing to our sweetheart.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What have I carried with me into adulthood that my beloved enjoys about me?
  2. What does my sweetheart enjoy doing? How can I help him/her do it more fully?

Strengthen your relationship:
How has life as an adult dampened the enjoyment of your relationship? Is there any cynicism or jadedness that needs to be conquered? What wounds need healing to achieve freedom to restore idealism, optimism, hope, trust, and other good qualities that come from the inner child? At the end of this discussion, pray for the Holy Spirit’s help with this, and then plan an activity that will be fun for both of you.

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