Why Is Love Elusive Even In Marriage?

What’s been elusive in your relationship? Have you been getting too little time? Undivided attention? Deep, honest conversation? Faith-filled help in trials? Love?

Sacramental weddedness to Christ completes our unionWe’re wired to feel dissatisfied. God made us that way. The human design is to always feel like something is missing in our pursuit of love, because this drives us to seek God, the only one who can fully and deeply and faithfully love us 100% of the time.

When we expect to get that much love from our sweetheart, we’re idolizing them. We’re wishing godhood upon them. So, of course they disappoint us. Just like we disappoint them for the same reason.

The elusive love we’ve been chasing after? We’ve really it had all along. In God. Through Christ. This is why the Sacrament of Marriage is so essential. Sacramental weddedness to Christ completes our union, fills the insufficiencies in the marriage with his love, and overflows into giving life to children and outward to caring about everyone else.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing what’s been elusive in our relationship with our sweetheart, of course, as long as the process is in sync with the life that Christ wants us to lead. Impatience, combativeness, pouting, and trying to control our beloved work against the very love that we seek. Furthermore, these behaviors disrupt the love that Christ is trying to give us.

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways have I felt dissatisfied with my sweetheart? 
  2. How can I turn to Christ to receive this from him instead?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe to each other Christ’s love. Then share wisdom you’ve gained and insights you’ve learned about how to open up more fully to his love and feel satisfied with it. Forgive each other for not being as perfectly loving as Jesus. And pray together for a deeper, more complete awareness of his love. 

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