Creative intimacy makes dreams come true

dreaming together for creative intimacyWhere do our creative energies come from? From the Creator. How does God convey his creative energy to us? Through dreaming. The seeds of creative output are planted in fertile imaginations that are open to dreaming.

Creative intimacy enhances our relationship with our beloved by helping each other dream. What are long forgotten dreams that still could have value if re-imagined? What dreams have the busyness of life suppressed? And what dreams have been on the surface of your attention or your beloved’s that, if discussed creatively, could come true with the help of God?

Creative intimacy is the sharing of dreams and (most importantly) giving life to the dreams that are united to the dreams and goals of Christ. This is very essential, both for a good relationship and for fulfilling God’s calling in our lives. And yet, it is perhaps one of the most forgotten, most neglected forms of intimacy in marriage.

So, schedule dream dates with your beloved. Get out of the house. Get away from normal surroundings to spend dedicated time sharing dreams and brainstorming ideas on how to make the dreams come true. Remember, in brainstorming, no idea is too ridiculous or impossible. Validate every idea your beloved speaks, no matter what your critical thinking mind might object to. This is part of the evolutionary process of uniting ourselves to God, discovering which ideas he inspires, and having fun while arriving at the ideas that will indeed work.

In whatever you feel inspired to dream, don’t ask how it can be done. There’s too little evidence available yet to see every step of the way. Instead, ask what can be done with the help of God. Then look for the next step, support each other in becoming courageous enough to proceed, and take action. Then go on anther dream date to share what the next stop seems to be and brainstorm where it might take you.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What dream of mine needs to be given more time and attention so that it leads to something wonderful?
  2. What dream of my beloved’s have I been encouraging?

Strengthen your relationship:
Together, choose a dream that intrigues you both. Spend at least ten minutes describing it, envisioning the good that could potentially come from it, and naming what has held it back. Then offer it up to the Lord in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to inspire you both. Decide on an activity that is step toward making this dream come true. (Revisit this reflection every few weeks to do this again with other dreams.)

This is the fifth in an 8-part series on the intimacies that are so important for a good and lasting marriage.

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