What are your blessings of love?

blessings flowLook at everything the Lord has already done in the relationship you have with your beloved! Consider the blessings.

How have you grown spiritually since meeting your sweetheart? How has your life improved?

What has your beloved done that means God is doing it through him/her? Hugs are one example. What else?

I remember thinking, not long after I met my beloved Ralph 45 years ago, that life is a series of ups and downs, but with Ralph in my life, the ups were higher and the downs were never as low. It remained that way for many years. Then, when we endured several years of a very low place, what kept us going and believing that we’d eventually reach a comparably high place was our trust in God.

By remembering the good that the Lord has already done in our relationship with our beloved, we can feel reassured that God is working a plan for good, not disaster (Jeremiah 29:11) even when it seems like the low times will never end.

Ralph and I now have a better, stronger, deeper relationship than ever before. This is what God wants for every marriage that has existed long enough to suffer very low lows.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What blessings has my beloved has given to me?
  2. What blessings have I given to my beloved?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe to each other how you have grown spiritually since the earliest days of your love. How has God made a difference in you through your love relationship? Finish this discussion with a shared prayer, thanking God for all he has done to bless your relationship.

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