7 surprising attitudes that make a good marriage

surprising1) Idealistic
Set goals for your marriage that seem “too” wonderful, impossible to reach. Pray and use your best discernment skills to make sure they align with God’s love. Great goals push us to greater heights of faith. Pray together for discernment.

2) Rejectable
Embrace rejection as a normal part of life, not as a personal attack. Yes, rejection is hard, especially when it comes from our beloved. Respect your beloved’s opinion, but remember that ultimately it is God’s opinions that really matter. Pray together for better understanding.

3) Imperfect
Accept mistakes as lessons for growth. Solving relationship problems and other challenges usually involve new and untested strategies. Mistakes are part of the path to breakthroughs leading to better times. Pray together for the Holy Spirit to inspire good strategies.

4) Daring
Attempt changes fearlessly. Realize that falling or failing is not a disaster, it’s a learning experience. Jesus is our safety net as we soar toward higher and higher levels of love. Pray together for Jesus to redeem what goes wrong, kiss our wounds, and push us onward.

5) Timeless
Ignore the clock and calendar. Trust God’s timing for answered prayer. Yes, we wish it would happen more quickly, but God knows the full picture and wants what’s best for everyone. Pray together every morning for God to take charge of the timing of everything.

6) Ignorant
Be glad that you don’t have all the answers. Admit your ignorance, uncertainties, and doubts. God is the only one with all the answers. His ways are always better than what we can plan or imagine. Pray together to be led by his wisdom.

7) Uncomfortable
Never be satisfied with feeling comfortable. Difficult situations make us uncomfortable. This is where growth happens. Yes, this is stressful, but stress empowers us to make changes. Pray together for God to console you as he stretches your faith into new territory.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Which of these 7 attitudes am I experiencing most? And least?
  2. Which do I see in my beloved, and how has this been good?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share which of the 7 attitudes were most surprising to you. Why? Which prayer suggestion will you begin using?

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