How to have victorious love

Victorious love - Blessed Julian of NorwichEvery marriage has its troubles. We all cause problems for our beloved. We all suffer from unloving attitudes and decisions by our beloved. Even daily! Every one of us deals with circumstances in our love relationship that distress us. But when we rely on the Radical Love of Jesus, this makes all the difference between having a marriage that succumbs to destruction and one that overcomes trouble and grows stronger because of it.

“He said not: you shall not be troubled, you shall not be tempted, you shall not be distressed. But he said: You shall not be overcome.” (Blessed Julian of Norwich)

We don’t succeed by merely wanting to have a good marriage. Sheer determination is not enough. The strength of our marriage is based on the strength of our relationship with Jesus: how much we depend on his Radical Love for us, how quickly we turn to him for guidance, and how well we are able to recognize the help that he offers.

Jesus is the Ultimate Overcomer. He gave us the complete example of how to have victorious love. When our beloved is unloving, what do we want to do? Our instinct is to back away, even run away. Divide ourselves from the pain. Wait for our the one who wronged us to make amends. But Jesus shows us that the way to healing is through the Cross — not moving in the opposite direction.

When we do this with Jesus, after every suffering there is always resurrection, renewal, and a stronger love.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How quickly do I turn to Jesus for help? And how easily do I hear, feel, or understand the help that he provides?
  2. What can I do to help my beloved feel closer to Jesus?

Strengthen your relationship:
Go to church together this weekend and take with you a token or symbol of something that’s been distressing one or both of you. Arrive early and place this token somewhere appropriate, such as by a statue of Saint Joseph, because he is patron of the home, or in a garden bed outside the church doors. Leave it there and pray together, offering it up to God. Silently continue this offering throughout the Mass, using all parts of the liturgy to connect you to the Victorious Jesus who died for you and overcame the Cross.

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