Dealing with unpleasantness

Dealing with unpleasantness - God is the best repairman!It’s usually right to deal with an unpleasant situation by controlling it. We can make improvements only after taking control. A broken refrigerator will destroy the foods inside it until we intervene and call the repairman.

Not so with our beloved, however. When he/she has an unpleasant mood or makes a decision we don’t like or behaves in an unpleasant way, it’s tempting to try to improve the situation by controlling our sweetheart: “Shut up, stop doing that, let me take over, go to church and confess your sins!”

It is right and good to intervene — not as a controller but as a lover. God is the repairman to call. We are not God. We might think we know what’s behind our beloved’s unpleasantness, but only God really knows. And he might tell us that the fix involves patience, waiting on our sweetheart to become ready to go into problem-solving mode with us.

Jesus might also tell us that the unpleasant situation is necessary for a greater good.

The Holy Spirit might teach us something about ourselves that needs to change.

With God involved, blessings emerge from every unpleasant situation. With God at the center of our relationship with our beloved, we both grow in holiness. Praise God!

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I typically react when my sweetheart does something that I don’t like?
  2. What can I take control of within myself to turn an unpleasant time into a peaceful time?

Strengthen your relationship:
  Pray together, asking Jesus to turn any recent unpleasantness into new growth or healing or any blessing of his own choosing. Then take turns completing this sentence: “Please forgive me for being unpleasant when I [fill in the blank].”

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