A Deeper understanding of Radical Love

Deeper understanding of Radical Love - Sacred Heart of JesusServant of God Elisabeth Leseur, a French mystic (1866-1914), pointed out that “only in the heart of Jesus do we find the definitive support, deep strength, and total understanding of our soul and its needs that enable us to progress and advance toward him.”

This is true not only in our faith growth but also in our relationships with others and in progressing toward deeper, purer love in our marriage.

We cannot have the best possible marriage unless we depend on Jesus for support when we are weak, for strength in trials, and for increased understanding of why we feel the way we do during hardships, what our needs really are, what’s healthy and holy and what needs healing or repentance, what fears need to be cured by Christ’s reassurances, and anything else within us that affects how we relate to our beloved.

This is Radical Love. First we must deepen our understanding of God’s Radical Love for us. This empowers us to love our spouse more deeply and permanently. We receive God’s love to give God’s love.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What am I doing at the present time to deepen my relationship with Jesus?
  2. How is this helping me love my sweetheart more deeply?

Strengthen your relationship:
Tell each other a doubt you have about God or a faith question. Then pray together asking the Holy Spirit to guide you both toward a deeper understanding of God’s Radical Love. Throughout this week (and longer if necessary), watch for anything that addresses these questions, and tell each other what you discover.

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