The NOW of God’s Radical Love

There is nothing like the present moment to receive more love from God. He’s got more to give you, far more than you can imagine. And it’s available in this present moment. The same is true for giving love to your beloved. In fact, the present moment is all you have.

timeless nowWe experience heaven on earth in the love that God has for us and the love that we give to others. The love we receive and give is a taste of eternity, where God lives — and where someday we will live — outside the boundaries of time.

On earth, we live inside a clock. There’s a past, and sometimes we wish we could go backwards in time to change what happened. This desire interferes with our relationships today. We can only live in the now. We can only love in the now.

Often we wish we could hurry time and move the hands of the clock forward. This, too, interferes with love.

God has given you this moment right NOW to receive his love and give him love and, through the power of this exchange of love, love your beloved and the rest of the family (and everyone else) more perfectly — more fully, more abundantly.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How much am I aware of God’s love for me right now?
  2. How much love do I feel for my sweetheart while I’m contemplating God’s love for me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Pray the following prayer together while holding hands or enjoying some other form of touch. After the “amen”, share what this prayer means to you.

Lord God, You are the source of our ability to love. Help us to become more aware of your love today. Open our hearts more widely to Your love. Whatever in us has been dark and distant from Your love, heal that; we surrender it to you. Help us to receive Your love more abundantly so that we may give each other more love, more compassion, more romance, more openness, more vulnerability, more trust, more help in growing closer to You, and more holiness. We ask this together, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

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I would like to share” The Now of God’s radical love” with friends and family. Thanks

Posted by Marlin Taylor on June 17, 2015

    Thanks for asking permission, Marlin! We hope you will share the URL of this page with your family and friends, so that they will have the opportunity to find more content that will bless them or minister to them. Use the envelope icon (in the grey square on the left side of the page) to email it to them, or copy the URL (website address) to email it. You might also be interested in our free downloadable ebook to share with family and friends.

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    Posted by Terry Modica on June 17, 2015

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