The surprising strategy of the Church

Recently we received this prayer request on our website, and it pained my heart because it happens to so many good people:

“There are too many people trying to end my marriage of 16 years. I need any hindrances to my marriage gone, any unlawful soul ties broken. May my husband yearn for me and have a great desire to reconcile and repair the marriage. May he not be angry but become repentant for his actions.”

Church's strategy for weddingsThis kind of prayer request often goes unanswered, not because God doesn’t care but because the husband and wife are unequally yoked, i.e., one has strong faith, the other does not. The free will of faithlessness or rebellion interferes with God’s help.

The Church’s plan for weddings is meant to prevent this. Sadly, engaged couples often ignore the opportunity.

The surprising strategy behind a Catholic Church wedding is to evangelize couples into becoming equally yoked in faith with Christ sacramentally in the center empowering, purifying, maturing, and uniting both husband and wife.

This is why the Church requires many months of preparation. This is why the Church requires the couple to meet with a priest and go through a lengthy inventory of personal character traits, strengths and weaknesses. This is why the Church requires attending a marriage preparation course. This is why the Church insists on a wedding taking place in church and not on the beach or at a vacation destination.

It’s Mother Church carrying the couple from their separate homes in the world into a single home in Christ the Savior. 

Because then, as the years go by and temptations from worldly thinking come knocking on the door, both husband and wife, holding hands with Christ, answer it with faith-filled problem-solving. 

Reflection Questions:

  1. How much do I rely on Faith in my relationship with my sweetheart?
  2. How much does my beloved rely on Faith? How do I feel about this?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe how your faith journey has affected your problem-solving abilities. What does it mean to you to have Jesus in your marriage? Pray together asking for an increase of faith.

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