The stakes are high!

Marriage experts and marriage advocates from around the world have signed and sent an open letter to Pope Francis and the members of the October 5-19 Synod on the Family.

In it, they point out:

The stakes are high. According to a 2013 Child Trends international report: “Dramatic increases in cohabitation, divorce, and nonmarital childbearing in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania over the last four decades suggest that the institution of marriage is much less relevant in these parts of the world.” In the United States the marriage rate is the lowest ever recorded, unmarried cohabitation is rapidly becoming an acceptable alternative to marriage, and more than half of births to women under 30 years of age now occur outside marriage. … Among existing marriages, many are fragile and strained….” (For the full letter, click here.)

It’s time to push the trends in the opposite direction, and we all need to join in this effort. Marriage is meant to be a testimony of God’s radical love!

The image of God in marriage


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