How to cure stubborn problems

The love key that conquers stubborn problems - keys to the kingdomRecurring or stubborn problems detract from the joyful relationship that God has in mind for marriage. How do we cope? More importantly, how do we get past them and back to the joy? Even better, how do we conquer them so that they don’t interfere with joy ever again?

God makes available whatever we need for having the best possible relationship with our sweetheart. He’s given us commandments that purge or prevent less satisfactory ways of living and responding to each other. He’s given us teachings in Scripture and Church documents that explain how to apply the scriptures. He’s gifted many people with the ability to serve as counselors who can give us tools for conquering problems via books and therapy sessions.

The key to benefitting from what God makes available is in our hands, but it does us no good to simply hold the key. We can choose to merely cope, to follow the path that we’ve been traveling, and to wait for the problem to miraculously go away without effort from us, or we can make the miracle happen by partnering with God to transform the situation. 

For the sake of love — love for our sweetheart and love for ourselves — we can choose to put focused effort into utilizing what God makes available. When we begin earnestly looking for tools that can produce change, we find them.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What stubborn problem has been annoying me?
  2. How does my beloved feel about it?

Strengthen your relationship:
Plan an action step that will provide more information and new ideas on how to overcome the stubborn problem that you named above. Ask Jesus to guide you in moving forward. If both of you are not in agreement about this plan, make individual plans with the goal of discussing later what you’ve learned and how changes have begun to occur.

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  • Mark

    God is Great,

    We Thank God for your good health after the hurricane and for sharing the experience with us.
    It’s unimaginable how the world changes in a matter of months to become unfriendly to this level.
    The place you you felt self fulfilled as your home becomes a horror because of the destruction around by the wind.

    May your victory together as a couple strengthen your love together as a couple, and may you live longer to testify and strengthen many other couples.

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