The stability of dependable, faithful love

Marriage is God’s witness of stability. It’s how Jesus invites the world to find dependable, faithful love.

The stability of love - Romantic Couple

There are many people in today’s cultures who are clueless about the benefits of marriage. They believe that romantic involvements with the benefits of marriage (such as sexual union and living together) but without the commitments of marriage are better than actual marriage.

What they are interested in is freedom from responsibilities.

Why would anyone want to tie their time up with someone like that? It makes me wonder: What happens when you need that person to go the extra mile for you? And to stay committed to you when you’re not an easy person to live with?

The responsibilities of marriage commitment are the only way to gain the feeling of security that comes from knowing that our beloved will be with us when we’re at home in need of sanctuary and when we’re outside and troubles with the world challenge us.

True, it seems like there is no guarantee of such a firm and permanent commitment even within marriage. But that’s the difference between a marriage that’s become a Sacrament of Christ and a marriage without Christ, for only God can teach us dependable, faithful love.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What in my relationship with my beloved makes me feel safe and secure?
  2. How do I help my beloved know that I am committed to his/her needs?

Strengthen your relationship:

Write down a list of the various commitments you have. Which ones benefit your relationship? Which ones have been empowered by Christ? Pray together, asking Jesus to teach you, through his Holy Spirit, new insights about commitment and faithfulness. Then, in the days ahead, as new ideas or insights come to mind, write a note about them to share with each other.

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