Stop and smell the roses — together!

"Stop and smell the roses" -- together!Perhaps you’ve heard the wise, old saying, “Stop and smell the roses.” Perhaps you even live by it. But do you do it as a couple? Have you discovered how this enhances your relationship?

Being alert to the blessings God provides every day is necessary for holy Christian living. It’s a catalyst for having a grateful heart and giving God the thanks he deserves. And it’s healthy! It balances our souls against the sufferings we endure and the sacrifices we make. It puts a smile on our face and hope in our hearts when life is hard.

Too often, we tell our sweethearts the bad stuff that’s happening. We use their loving, listening ears to vent and gripe and complain. It’s true that sharing our trials with them is important for our mental health and for problem solving, but the rainbows in the storms are equally important.

The Vocation of Marriage is the calling for spouses to help each other grow closer to Christ. We fulfill this calling when we take time to stop and smell the roses and point them out to our beloved. And when we invite him/her to admire a rainbow with us. We serve as Jesus wants to serve by helping our beloved recognize the blessings that are clues about God’s ongoing activity and concern.

Some of these shared moments of identifying blessings can become very helpful in future trials. One day, as Ralph and I were driving down the highway for a brief getaway, it began to rain and we wondered if it would ruin the outdoor plans we had made. Then a rainbow appeared, and the end of the bow was right there in front of us at the edge of the trees by the road. We actually saw the rainbow’s end! (Or was it the start?) We hadn’t known it was possible — until that moment.

By the time we arrived at our getaway destination, the sky had cleared and we made a new, fun memory. But the strongest memory from that day was seeing the end of the rainbow. Now, whenever we need a reminder that God cares about the fun we have as a couple, we remind each other about seeing the rainbow’s end.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the blessings I have noticed recently?
  2. How is God blessing my sweetheart?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe to each other a blessing that is happening today and what God might be telling you with it. Then pray together, thanking God for the many blessings you’ve experienced — as many as you can think of. Be sure to include how your sweetheart is a blessing to you!

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