In sickness differently than in health

in sickness and in health

Love reveals itself differently when we’re sick. I can remember the last time my throat got scratchy. The next day I could barely speak. This was the first sign of the cold that, as colds typically do, would last for 7 to 10 days. Ralph, my sweetie, immediately donned the persona of nurse. He kept me supplied with vitamin C, chicken soup, and hot tea sweetened with honey. He dashed to the store to get a cough suppressant and tasty treats to cheer me.

I could have fixed my own tea, but that would have disappointed Ralph. He wanted to be interrupted from his work (his office is in our home, and I texted him from the bedroom — yay for modern communication technology!) so that he could pamper me with attention, as if that’s the best medicine of all.

I know how he felt. I felt the same way when Ralph recovered from cancer surgery several years ago. The kind of nursing work that would normally churn my stomach became an opportunity of love that I cherished. It was an opportunity to show my love in ways that never happen when he is healthy. It was a way to bring healing love to my beloved. 

We give the healing love of Jesus to our sweetheart when we do acts of love that are only necessary during illnesses. And thus, even the unpleasantries of caregiving become sources of sweet joy.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel when my sweetheart is ill?
  2. How do I feel when I’m sick and my beloved serves me or fails to serve me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe to each other the feelings you have when the other is sick. Don’t start the sentence with “I feel that….” (for example, “I feel that you need to go to the doctor”, which is an idea, not a feeling) but do start with “I feel the emotion of….” and then give details about that emotion (for example, “I feel sad that you’re suffering. It’s the kind of sadness that fills me with a desire to make you feel better.”) When you’re finished, pray for each other. Start with, “[Insert name or your favorite term of endearment], what would you like me to pray for about you?”

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  • Tommy

    This experience is so touching to us as couples. For me whenever am sick my sweetheart draws closer to me and vise vasa. I tell you the strength of love can be seen at the time of difficulties.

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