Seeking harmony? Here’s how to strike a chord as a couple!

musical chord harmony in marriageA good marriage is like a musical chord. Some people, unfortunately, live with their sweetheart as an independent tone, a “cord”.

The cliché “striking a chord” means resonating with beautiful results. It’s commonly misspelled as “striking a cord.” A cord is a single strand of twine. Strike a cord and nothing happens but limpy, short-lived movement that benefits nothing and no one, not even the cord.

A chord, on the other hand, is the resonance of multiple piano cords or guitar strings played together in deliberate harmony. In a marriage, it is a man and woman whose souls vibrate together, resonating with each other’s goodness and with Christ’s love, producing a beautiful relationship that benefits both the two of them and also others.

Children are a natural result of marital music, as are ministries that couples do together, because chords send vibrations outward, changing the mood of the environment wherever the sound travels. 

Chords don’t happen without effort. But the talent for striking a chord using what’s good about individual cords is a gift that God gives to all of us. And during times when we feel discordant with our sweetheart, if we do nothing more than pray together, asking for help and renewal, the music returns. This is guaranteed, because Father God is the Creator of Music, and the Holy Spirit is the Great Conductor, and Jesus is the Music sent to Earth to change the mood of the environment wherever the sound travels. 

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I like about my beloved that resonates with me? In other words, what strikes a chord with me, pleasing me because it helps make a good union?
  2. What do I do that is displeasing to my beloved? How can I strike a chord with him/her by showing that I care, bringing love into the situation?

Strengthen your relationship:
Together, choose one thing you’ve been discordant about. Don’t discuss it. Just pray together, both of you using your own words to humbly ask Jesus to redeem the lack of harmony and turn it into a blessing that produces new music. This is not a problem-solving prayer. It’s the creation of a supernaturally produced new sound that accepts the differences between the two of you and builds harmony from your love. (For example: If you disagree about where to go on vacation, a new idea will emerge that you’ll both like.) The new music might take days or weeks to get loud enough to notice, but wait for it. Listen for it. Jesus has already begun humming it!

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