Seeing love beyond our blinders

Seeing love beyond our blinders - None of us see the full pictureWe all have blinders on. None of us see the full picture.

Only God knows what is in our sweetheart’s heart when he or she does something irritating or hurtful.

Perhaps our beloved has been treated unjustly by someone outside the home, and we’re getting the leftovers. Or perhaps he or she is reacting to a misconception that needs to be clarified before peace is found. Perhaps it’s an accumulation of his or her own past hurts catching up with a future emotional meltdown, and only God knows, at this moment, that a counselor is the only person who can help.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got clues to notice if only we remove the blinders of our self-focused needs and self-made assumptions about what’s going wrong and why. We can accomplish this with the help of the Holy Spirit, who knows all and sees all and helps all.

We are best at noticing what’s causing a difficult interaction when we choose to look past the obvious and prayerfully search for clues.

We can find new information just by looking. We can understand what we find by asking the Holy Spirit to teach us what it means. And we can improve the situation by letting Christ lead us.

Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I recently had a bad mood, and what caused it or contributed to it that really has nothing to do with my beloved?
  2. How can I help my beloved better understand what happened?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share your answers to the above reflection questions. Then pray together, asking the Holy Spirit to help you both remove blinders and assumptions and to open your eyes more fully to what was really behind the bad mood. As you pray, what does the Holy Spirit reveal to you about a solution or healing?

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