Sacrifices are valued in good marriages

One of the world’s influences that has negatively impacted many relationships is an unwillingness to make sacrifices. The root of this is selfishness. Even those of us who care deeply about our sweetheart fall prey to it. A common example is choosing to spend time on our own agendas and pleasures instead of being fully present to our beloved. We forget to be other-focused.

The influence to avoid sacrifices is strong. We see plenty of evidence of it in today’s world. It delays or even prevents marriage. It blocks the commitment of getting married. It interferes with the permanence of marriage. Victims include the children whom God desired to create but were never conceived, as well as children who were created but never allowed to be born.

Holy Marriage values sacrifice - Crucifixion of ChristThis cultural influence is an anti-Christ is an anti-Christ, because Jesus preached the opposite.

God’s sacrificial love is at the root of every healthy relationship and every holy marriage. To embrace marriage as the gift it is meant to be, we embrace Christ’s sacrificial love, which means we accept it as our own way of living. We receive love from God so that our beloveds (spouse and children) can receive his love from us.

It is through our sacrifices that our beloveds receive God’s love more abundantly. When this is difficult to do, we must return to Christ’s embrace to receive supernatural strength to do it — and he will gladly give it.

Being a Christian is counter-cultural now more than any other time in living memory. Having a holy marriage is counter-cultural. Having a divinely fulfilling marriage is counter-cultural. To succeed, we need to immerse ourselves in Christ’s culture — the culture of the Church. We need to surround ourselves with faith-filled and faithful Christians. We need to protect our spouses and our children with an environment of faith that extends far outside our own family.

Even if we have to make sacrifices to do so.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What does my sweetheart do that is self-sacrificing?
  2. What sacrifices do I make for my sweetheart?

Strengthen your relationship:
Identify one selfish attitude or behavior that you’d like to overcome. Describe it to your sweetheart. After you both do this and listen to the other without comment, describe what your sweetheart has done that is not selfish at all. This is his/her true nature, made in the image of God. Pray together for an increase of the joy of love that makes you willing to make sacrifices for each other and for the family.

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