Take time for a romantic getaway

Every romantic relationship is bombarded by distractions. Necessary distractions, usually. Raising children, caring for elderly parents, responsibilities at work, and everything else that requires our attention — these are all part of life but not part of romance.

They can, of course, lead to romance. A word of appreciation from our beloved about the care and time and talents we give to others can trigger feelings of warmth that activate romantic desires.

Romantic GetawayHowever, from time to time it is good to get away from it all and spend time alone with our beloved. We need that time alone. Our beloved needs our undivided attention, and we need it from our beloved. We need to renew and remind ourselves that our sweetheart is our highest priority, second only to our relationship with God.

We need uninterrupted communication, a catch-up time when we can get deeper into the topics we normally mention only in passing or in a hurry. We have to get away from normal life to have intimate communication about the issues that make us feel vulnerable. Being vulnerable with one another is key to keeping the romance alive, and it’s key to the health and longevity and success of the relationship.

And we need fun. Romantic getaways should always include laughter. Time away and alone together is best and most restorative and unitive when it’s balanced with quiet time for deep communication and fun activities that make us forget the hardships and ongoing problems of normal life.

Ralph and I recently rented a log cabin in the mountains. Normally, we get away from the stresses and routines of normal life by going to a local theme park. We bought season passes, which is inexpensive only if we go to the park every month, and this helps motivate us to get out and go there. The few hours we spend strolling through the park, dining on spare ribs and BBQ chicken, and taking in a show or a ride or two are very beneficial.

Even short getaways can do wonders for our marriage and our personal mental health.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I enjoy doing that takes my mind off of the troubles and challenges and busyness of everyday life?
  2. What does my sweetheart enjoying doing?

Strengthen your relationship:
Remembering that Jesus wants you to have time for fun and rest and to renew your emotional and spiritual energies, pray together asking the Holy Spirit to inspire you with ideas for your next getaway. While still praying, make it a conversation of ideas and dreams.

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