Recreating the romance

Recreating the romance

The words “recreate” and “recreation” are similar for a reason. Recreation is an important need. We must take time to play if we’re going to have a balanced life and a joyful spirit. Playtimes re-create our mental energies. In our relationship with our sweetheart, playtimes re-create romantic energies, too.

Playfulness comes from God. Do you know the playful side of Jesus? When you envision the time when Jesus walked on water, how do you picture it? Is he somberly striding toward the boat? Is he sternly scowling because his apostles were frightened by it? 

I believe he enjoyed the walk. Wouldn’t you get a thrill out of defying gravity if you could walk on water? Maybe he even kicked a wave to make it splash and then laughed about it. Maybe the water tickled his toes and he giggled. Maybe he meandered for a while, enjoying the peace and quiet of being alone with nature.

Imagine the look on his face when Peter got so excited about seeing Jesus walk on water that he wanted to join him in his fun. Instead of somberly telling Peter, “Okay, come on, try it and let’s see if you have enough faith to stay on top of the water”, I think he laughed with delight and said, “Okay! Come on! You’ll really enjoy this. Let’s defy gravity together!”

We were, of course, created in the image of God. When we play, we are recreating or re-creating the playfulness of God.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How often am I playful with my sweetheart?
  2. What are my beloved’s favorite forms of recreation?

Strengthen your relationship:
Discuss this: Do you think you spend enough time each week being playful together? Revisit past ways you’ve had fun together. Which of these would you like to do again? What will you do to make it happen? What new recreational activities would you like to try as a couple? Revisit what felt energizing in this discussion by turning it into a prayer: “Holy Spirit, help us to discern how to balance our life and take time to have fun together as a couple. Before You, we commit to doing _____.”

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