Reason for rejoicing on bad days

Reason for rejoicing on bad days - Photo by Claire Algarme

Photo by Claire Algarme; used by permission

Bad days in marriage are a fact of life. However, even the hardships that cause long-term angst and despair don’t mean that divorce is an option. They just mean that we’re tired of the journey. We need rest. We need restoration.

Often, those who do choose divorce have lost the strength to keep hope alive. 

We all, sooner or later, experience situations which dull the memory of love’s joy. The many good times we have had with our sweetheart, even the most recent ones, slip into a past that is blurred by today’s needs and emotions. We forget that we are deeply loved; it doesn’t seem possible! We forget that our beloved chose us from all others, and we forget that God chose that spouse to be loved by us. And the loss of these memories disorients us and closes our heart in self-protection. This weakens our hope and makes us lose our reason for rejoicing. And when hope and joy disappear, we tend to think only of ourselves. The damage multiplies!

As Christians, however, we have good reason to rejoice, no matter how heartbreaking a relationship becomes. Our hope comes from the Lord, not from our spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. Our hope comes from the Lord’s radical love, not from what we experience in human relationships. 

No matter what, Jesus loves us and fills in the gaps that the insufficient love of our sweetheart has caused. And from this in-filling comes renewed strength, patience, inspiration, insight, healing and hope. To experience this in the fullness that God has in mind for us, we have to nurture our relationship with Jesus and become more immersed in prayer and learning and purification and personal healing. 

Reflection Questions:

  1. What situations have made me feel loved too little?
  2. What can I do to know Jesus’ love for me more deeply so that I no longer feel loved too little?

Strengthen your relationship:
Pray together for the renewal of memories about falling in love with each other. Then describe memories of times when you felt very special to your sweetheart. 

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