How to protect your love

wedding feastWho is affecting your relationship with your beloved as described in the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22:1-14? The Kingdom of heaven is like a wedding feast. God intends for your marriage to be a foretaste of heaven and he wants to protect this.

Put your marriage into this parable. The king (Jesus) invites his people to celebrate your union and to support you, some as mentors, some as friends who serve as helpful companions for the journey of life, some as encouragers, some as Christian influences.

Sadly, and I dare say even tragically, many say no to this calling. Today is an evil time, because the loudest and most prevalent influences are giving messages that are contrary to God’s ways.

As couples in today’s world, we must — and this is very essential — go out and find those who can be Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled influences. We need to unite with our king to remove those who do not belong in our marriage.

“Many are invited, but few are chosen” must be our motto in choosing companions. While we do have to spend some time with relatives who are not helpful to the union we have with our sweetheart, because we love them and we hope to be good influences on them, they are better as outsiders than insiders. Out of love for our beloved, we protect our relationship from their influences. 

Jesus speaks to us through those who follow his ways. With our king, we carefully chose the companions with whom we will entrust knowledge of what’s happening in our lives. 

Reflection Questions:

  1. Who in my life is a divisive influence for my relationship with my sweetheart?
  2. Who is or who could be a Christ-centered encourager for our marriage?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with your sweetheart the answers to the questions above. Then pray together for help from the Holy Spirit in discerning which people it is good to spend more time with, which ones to politely walk away from, and how to do it. What decisions do you want to make as a result of this?

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