Love powered by God’s love

Love powered by love - full flowerHow much more love do you need in your daily life and your troubled circumstances? Since you believe in and follow Christ, you’ve already been given the fullness of God, and because God is love (1 John 4:16), you have the fullness of love dwelling within you. Now, it’s just a matter of increasing your interior relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

God is all powerful. God’s power is his love. He has no power but love. Therefore, his love is all-powerful. How much more of God’s power do you need so you and your sweetheart can improve whatever is problematic in your relationship?

God is love — infinite love. What will you do with that today to bless your sweetheart? In other words, how will you bring God to him/her? This is really what marriage is a commitment to do. This is the vocation of marriage. Romantic love is missing a key motivation if it isn’t wrapped up in the desire to give our beloved a greater experience of God than what he/she would have without us.

Yes, even sex is meant to be an expression of a desire to give our sweethearts more of God. Sex can be either an animal instinct, with the cravings of our flesh nature, or a divinely unitive experience that conveys to our beloved that we are one in body as well as soul in giving love to our one and only sweetheart. Divinely inspired sex is a gift of caring. It’s a gift of love. It’s a gift of love powered by God’s love.

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways have I recently given God’s love to my sweetheart?
  2. How has my sweetheart recently helped me become more aware of God’s love?

Strengthen your relationship:
God is loving us all of the time, but we cannot feel his physical embrace except through each other. Describe to each other what this means to you. Why is it important to you? End this discussion with a prayer, asking Jesus to help your beloved (take turns doing this) experience more of God’s love throughout the day’s joys, stresses, and distractions.

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