Pots and pans of durable love

Pots and pans of durable love - Pots and PansWhile attending college after Ralph proposed to me and I gave him my happy yes, I witnessed a demonstration of pots and pans that, according to the salesman, would be the only set I’d ever need. They would last the entire marriage. So I gave him my deposit and put the rest of the purchase on a payment plan. Was it a good investment?

More than forty years later, I’m still cooking dinner for Ralph in those pots and pans. And they look almost new. The sales pitch was no exaggeration!

If only there were something that could make marriages just as durable. Oh, but there is! It’s Jesus.

When a marriage starts with both husband and wife understanding that Jesus is their Savior and the Savior of every marriage problem, he is the durability factor. No matter what happens — and something always does happen — no difficulty is too much for him. The marriage will endure.

Even when it feels like divorce is the only option, if both husband and wife turn to the Lord for help, the relationship will recover and endure.

But what if one or both of the spouses have entered into marriage without a personal relationship with Jesus? A permanent marriage is still possible, but the odds are against it. Life’s troubles are against it. Our culture today is against it. One faith-filled spouse is better than none, but that husband or that wife needs to spend a lot more time in prayer, leaning on Jesus to provide what the spouse is lacking.

It’s never too late to turn to Jesus for help. His radical love is already with us, all the time, just waiting to be received by our aching souls — waiting to heal us, waiting to embrace us and fill us, waiting to fill us up so much that it overflows onto the spouse who has caused us to ache.

Reflection Questions:

  1. When did I first realize that Jesus is real and is a personal friend who is involved in my life?
  2. How has this affected my relationship with my sweetheart?

Strengthen your relationship:
Pray together to ask Jesus to be all that you need him to be in your relationship. Make up your own prayer so that it comes from your heart with all sincerity, or use this prayer:

Jesus, we want you to be the Lord of our lives and the Lord of our marriage. Heal our brokenness. Forgive our sins. Fill both of us with your radical, unconditional, merciful love. We surrender our lives to you. Lead us, Lord Jesus. Teach us, Holy Spirit. Help us to grow in wisdom and knowledge for developing a better relationship with You and with each other. We pray this in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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