From God’s perspective

Problems in marriage (or in any relationship) are best viewed from God’s perspective, not our own. Things are never as bad as they seem.

Living in the middle of a problem rivets our attention on the small stuff: the anger of the moment, the unpleasant facial expression or tone of voice, the sin that’s hurting us, and the worst possible ramifications.

These don’t seem small at all unless we unite ourselves to Jesus so he can lift us up above the problem. We can ask him: “What does this look like to You?”

He will answer: “Let me show you. Come, let Me lift you up. You can rise above this. Come and see it from My perspective.”

Close your eyes (after reading this paragraph) to shut out what is directly in front you so that Jesus can give you, in your imagination, a very real experience of his perspective. He is carrying you to his heavenly throne, higher and higher above your little world, and higher, above your town, above your country, above the earth. As you ascend with him, the battlefield of your problems disappear from view — because God and his power and his love and his desire to help you is far more vast than everything else in the universe.

Perspective - New Zealand high view

When we take that perspective into every conflict with our beloved, the situation begins to improve.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What heavenly perspective about a problem can I give to my beloved?
  2. What goodness in my beloved is evidence that Jesus is here with us?

 Strengthen your relationship:
Pray together, asking the Holy Spirit to anoint your imagination. Then use the visualization, described above, imagining that you are ascending to God’s throne. Describe to each other what you see.

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  • Dorothy

    I now see all of my pain has been used that other souls may love our God! and I freely give it to all who will accept it. Through my terrible suffering of my husband’s affair (that I had no clue was going on, for four years) I prayed with all of my heart for Jesus to heal him of all his anger and condemning, and to change his heart to love Jesus with all of his heart. I had many masses said for him. His soul was my concern more than anything else! After four years God allowed him to get caught! It brought him to his knees!! He begged me not to divorce him, I knew at the moment he told me I didn’t want a divorse, because, you see in all this time of me praying for him God was also carrying me, and gave me back my love for him. As I look back I see God’s hand carrying me, loving me, and making it possible for me to stay with him through all the pain. Marriage is a SACRAMENT and a promise to God until death do we part!! Now he IS A CHANGED MAN! THANKS BE TO GOD!!!

    1. Terry Modica Post author

      This is a beautiful and very valuable testimony, Dorothy. Thank you for sharing it with the world! You are so right: God helps us do the impossible, including the restoration of marriage after unfaithfulness. Especially when Marriage is a Sacrament.

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