Listening for love in a noisy world

Listening for love in a noisy world - Hearing God in a noisy worldHow does Christ’s peaceful voice of love reach you in the cacophony of today’s world? The unChristian messages of secular society are louder than ever. They promise greater happiness for those who believe (or suspect) that Christ’s ways are too restrictive and therefore harmful. But those who preach these messages have not been evangelized into Christ’s radical love; they are clueless about how their lives could become better by following Christ’s ways.

How much is their influence interfering with the better life and the happier marriage that Christ wants for you?

Love in marriage lasts permanently and grows ever deeper when we hear Christ’s voice and base our love for each other on Christ’s radical love, his sacrificial love, his strong foundation of holy love that’s full of virtue and high morality.

Consider, for example, the vast array of secular but seemingly good magazines that are full of articles pushing us to believe what they describe as the right way to think, behave, and respond. If we fit into the culture that these writers tell us is correct, then (they say) we’ll be okay, beyond criticism. If we follow their advice about how to act, dress, talk and have romance, (they say) we’ll be good people and our problems will be solved.

“Always be faithful to God in keeping the promises made to Him and do not bother about the ridicule of the foolish. Know that the saints were always sneered at by the world and the worldly; and they have trampled and triumphed over the world and its maxims.” (Saint Pio of Pietrelcina)

The magazine editors who choose the content are not interested in what’s best for us. They choose what sells ads, because without advertisers, the cost per magazine would be so high that we won’t subscribe. Advertisers have one priority: to sell products. They are not interested in your faith life.

We don’t have to listen to that noise. We don’t have to be like the people who are too lazy to seek out Christ’s voice in the din of distracting, secular messages. Our marriages are too important for that.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Is it possible that secular magazines and unChristian TV shows are drowning out Christ’s voice in ways that affect my relationship with my beloved?
  2. How much is my beloved influenced by Christ’s voice? How can I benefit from this?

Strengthen your relationship:
Analyze and discuss your reading and viewing habits. Pray together for guidance, and then decide what you want to add to it to become more able to hear Christ’s voice and feel his presence. 

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