New Year’s Reflection

I’m going to prophesy that the following will happen to you in 2020:

  • New Year Reflection for CouplesAn event will occur in your relationship with your beloved that will surprise and confound you.
  • You’ll notice something new about your beloved that will delight you.
  • You’ll be criticized and misunderstood for something good that you do.
  • A difficulty with someone in the family or at work or at church will distract you from giving your sweetheart enough attention.
  • You’ll learn something that will improve your relationship with your beloved.
  • An impending problem or disaster that you’ve been fearing won’t come to pass or else will be easier than anticipated.
  • Something will come to your attention that will give you a new reason to be afraid and to worry.
  • The long journey of connecting, disconnecting, and working your way back to a good connection with your beloved will continue. Slowly. But you’ll keep moving forward.
  • Opportunities to spend quality time with your sweetheart will be missed.
  • Opportunities to say something that will shine the light of Christ onto a situation will open up.
  • Your new year with your beloved will fail to be as good as you hope for.
  • The extra effort you put into your relationship with your beloved will pay off in an important way.
  • A bad habit that has interfered with your beloved’s joy will continue until you do something drastic, clever, or amazing, with God’s help.
  • Your sweetheart will forget a lesson learned and you’ll need to discuss it again because it’s important. You’ll struggle to find the right words and speak with a calm, non-condemning tone of voice to make a longer-lasting difference.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How can my relationship with Jesus help me through the ups and downs and challenges of the new year? (Think about this as you reflect again on the statements above.)
  2. How can my beloved’s relationship with Jesus help me in the new year?

Strengthen your relationship:
Using your imaginations, discuss how Jesus might provide help in each of the scenarios described above. After you creatively explore what his help might look like, turn it into a shared prayer of trusting the Holy Spirit for guidance. Spend the next several days doing this, one or two from the list each day.

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