Mary the Mother of Love

Ralph and I once attended the wedding of a young couple who consecrated their marriage to the Blessed Mother of Christ. What a great idea! They set an example that can serve as a good reminder to us all: Let us not neglect the help that our Blessed Mother wants to provide to our marriages.

The Mother of Love - Wedding at Cana

Jesus is Love coming to us from heaven. Mary is the Mother of Love in that regard. At the wedding feast of Cana (see the Gospel of John, chapter two), we see Mary as an observant and thoughtful friend. She noticed a serious problem for the spouses: the wine, a symbol of the joy of the feast, had run out. Mary compassionately understood the couple’s difficulty. She took their difficulty upon herself and quickly, discreetly took action on their behalf. 

How many times has Mary aided us and we’ve never known? But before we can even hope that she will help us, we have to first invite her to the party. If Mary had not been on the guest list at Cana, the miracle of water changing into wine would not have occurred. Jesus had not planned on performing his first public miracle there, at that time, and in that way. It was Mary’s presence that made the difference. 

Notice that Mary did not waste time finding fault: “Who made the mistake of ordering too little wine?” Nor did she complain or worry or give a motherly frown of disapproval. She simply turned the matter over to Jesus, because she knew he could fix it somehow. This is how she wants us to handle our difficulties, too. 

Mary likes being invited into our lives. She wants to mother our relationships — not smother it like an interfering in-law, but nurture it and help make it more fun, more family-oriented, and more successful in difficulties.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my relationship with the Blessed Mother like?
  2. What is my sweetheart’s relationship with the Blessed Mother like?

Strengthen your relationship:
Explain to each other what you believe about the Blessed Mother. When has she been important to you? What has she taught you by her example? What could you do together to invite her more fully into your relationship? Pray together, asking Jesus to introduce you to his mother (if you don’t have a personal relationship with her yet) or to help you become more aware of her help.

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  • Oselia Espinal

    After 21 years of together, 16 of those married only by the law of man , my husband received the annulment of his first marriage and on October 17 we are going to be married at our Parish San Martin de Porres in Homestead Florida. We have been so blessed all this years because Jesus has loved us so much that we have been able to serve the Lord at our Parish and other parishes through the Emmaus Retreats in English and Spanish, also at the Catechism Ministry, and we help with the 10:30 Spanish Mass Choir. In addition my husband takes care of our Parish Facebook page in English and Spanish. We were hit very hard by the economy, my husband lost his job of 15 years but he went back to school, received his real estate agent license, I work full-time as a Parelegal and we volunteer at St. Vincent of Paul Association for the poor. We do not have the means to have a celebration and as he did at Cana when Mother Mary our Mother ask him Jesus has turned our water into wine. Our community is preparing a special celebration and toast for us. We had endured tribulations together. My husband lost his mother do to complications of diabetes and his father do to a stomach problem. I lost my father do to prostate cancer and my only sister committed suicide. This year my husband’s daughter of his first marriage lost her first child after only 5 months of pregnancy she went into labor almost died herself. Lately our economy has been worst do to my own meet problems. I have not been able to have children and I have a series of procedures because some problems with fibroids. We almost lost our house 3 years ago but by a miracle it was refinanced and now we trying our best to do better. Lately my husband has not sold any house and some bills have to be cover with credit cards but none of that can take away our happiness to be able to receive the Sacraments of Confession and the Holy Eucharist! I ask for your prayers ! God bless!

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