Moody love

Moody love - Walking CoupleA joyful marriage takes effort. Daily effort. Sometimes enormous effort. And that’s what we commit to when we vow to each other, in our wedding ceremony, to remain married “for better or for worse”.

We commit our life to our sweetheart because the love we feel is joyful (among other benefits).

Unhappy moods don’t destroy that. Commitments are not based on moods. We commit our life to our sweetheart because we are choosing to give love no matter what — no matter what we feel at any given moment and no matter what mood our beloved is feeling.

Bad moods are red flag warnings that it’s time for us to minister to our sweetheart. When our own unhappy mood has been inflicted upon our beloved, we are called to minister to him/her by seeking forgiveness or giving reassurance. When we witness a bad mood in our beloved, we are called to figure out the best way to help, and get it done.

The Holy Spirit always knows the best way to minister to bad moods. An active relationship with the Holy Spirit and a humble, listening heart will provide the wisdom and knowledge we need to give God’s Radical Love as healing balm to our beloved.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What moods have I been feeling lately?
  2. How does this impact my beloved?

Strengthen your relationship:
Name the moods you like best about each other. Explain why. Describe how these moods help you. Then pray together for Christ’s own joy to supernaturally fill you both. Pray also for the Holy Spirit to help you know how to minister to each other during manifestations of bad moods.

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