Marriage is a masterpiece of love

Marriage is a masterpiece of love - Wedding at CanaA marriage is a masterpiece, especially when the union is not only between a man and a woman but includes Christ. God paints the masterpiece with us. He has planned the basic design, and in cooperating with that plan, we add the colors and hues and paintbrush strokes.

Pope Francis has said: “At the beginning of his Gospel, the Evangelist John recounts the episode of the Wedding at Cana, in which the Virgin Mary and Jesus, with his first disciples, were present (John 2:1-11). Not only did Jesus participate in that marriage, but he ‘saved the celebration’ with his miracle of the wine! Therefore, the first of his prodigious signs, with which he revealed his glory, he carried out in the context of a marriage, and it was a lovely gesture for that nascent family, solicited by Mary’s maternal concern.

This makes us recall the Book of Genesis, when God finishes the work of creation and makes his masterpiece; the masterpiece is man and woman. And here, in fact, with this masterpiece is where Jesus begins his miracles, in a marriage, in a wedding feast: a man and a woman. Thus Jesus teaches us that the masterpiece of society is the family: man and woman who love one another! This is the masterpiece!” (April 29, 2015)

God’s basic plan is outlined in scripture and explained in the teachings of the Catholic Church, which go all the way back to the first Christians who had been trained by Christ himself. It is shown in the Genesis story of creation. It is amplified by Christ, who taught us that love makes sacrifices, and that after every cross is a resurrection.

The masterpiece of marriage is where Jesus began his miracles. Every marriage sooner or later –and multiple times — needs miraculous intervention. When our paint brushes slip and we make an oops, Jesus is right there at our side always. The moment we hand the brush over to him, he begins to turn the blotchy mess into an interesting, new, and even beautiful embellishment in the overall picture. 

Jesus makes good come from what had been ugly. He heals tears in the canvas, and the fabric becomes stronger than ever. With Christ in the marriage, the result is a marvelous masterpiece. Make it a written list that you can look at later, when you’re feeling low. Then say a prayer together, thanking God for each item on the list.

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways is our love relationship beautiful?
  2. How easy is it for others to see its beauty? Do they know that Jesus is the Master Artist working with us to create this masterpiece?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe to each other what is beautiful about your relationship right now.

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