Marriages change and love grows stronger

Marriages change and love grows strongerI live in the woods, and it’s fun to watch how nature keeps changing what I see. A tree stops producing, it dies, it falls, and soon a different array of life flourishes because that part of the yard is now getting more sunlight. If I don’t mow down the sapling trees that sprout from falling seed pods, eventually I get to see new growth that gradually becomes more and more leaves and supporting stems that a long time from now will be strong limbs that provide cool shade and a highway for squirrels.

Marriages are like that. We all change as we grow older and life’s happenings affect us. Those who change but little are paralyzed by self-satisfaction, and they miss out on a lot of wonderful growth that Jesus the Great Gardener wants to provide.

As we change, so does our relationship with our sweetheart. Marriages that fall apart do so because the spouses have not walked through the changes hand in hand. But we can get through anything and come out stronger and more deeply in love if we each see ourselves as partners with Christ and with our spouse.

In this mindset, we recognize when changes are detrimental and need, for example, a therapist or spiritual director to help us through it. And we embrace the growth that comes from good changes as well as from difficulties that require us to adopt new ways of coping.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How have I grown since I first met my sweetheart?
  2. How has my sweetheart grown?

Strengthen your relationship:
Discuss a current situation that is producing changes in your lives or has the potential to do so. Pray together asking Jesus to guide you through these changes. Then share with each other ideas about what Jesus might be leading you toward.

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