Following the path of marriage longevity

Following the path of marriage longevity - mountainside by Claire AlgarmeLongevity in marriage is a path that comes with many twists and turns. Some twists are bad. Some turns are good. Parts of the road are fulfilling, and some sections are heartbreaking. What keeps us from veering off and crashing?

A map works even though the cartographer hasn’t described every step that we should take to reach our destination. Following Christ works even though God doesn’t describe every step we should take as he leads us through life to our ultimate destination, heaven.

As we follow Christ, there’s no guarantee that the way will be smooth. Every obstacle that seems insurmountable is like a high, craggy mountain. The good news is: God’s Word promises that “I will go before you and will level the mountains” (Isaiah 45:2). Unfortunately, he doesn’t smash our problems into oblivion. Reducing our mountains down to an easy walk is not what it’s about. As we follow Christ, he gives us courage and strength so that we can forge ahead. This is what it’s about, because this is how we mature!

As we climb the mountains, we discover that by imitating Christ and his way of handling problems, the terrain isn’t as steep as we feared. We’re not falling off of cliffs. We reach the other side and look back and marvel at how much smaller that mountain turned out to be.

By following Christ as a couple, especially within the Sacrament of Marriage that binds us to his supernatural presence, we have this guarantee: His Holy Spirit will teach us how to make it through every trial together, as a couple with Christ.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What mountains am I facing?
  2. What mountains is my sweetheart facing? 

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with each other the various ways you discern what Jesus is guiding you to do about your mountains. How do you detect the Holy Spirit’s help? How do you know when it’s more than just your own imagination and will power? Pray together asking for the Holy Spirit to renew you and fill you with the gifts of the Spirit.

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