Love each other with reckless abandon

reckless abandonOnce in a while, and sometimes more often, we need to throw ourselves so deeply into enjoying our love for our sweetheart that it looks reckless to others and even feels reckless to us. This means throwing out all other distractions for a while.

It’s not reckless, though, because when we take a leap of faith for the sake of love, we bring our true nature to the experience. Because God made us in his own image and we are his children, we bring his nature to our sweetheart by loving each other with reckless abandon. This is the nature of Radical Love.

Jesus loved us with reckless abandon when he became human and died for us on the torturous cross. He continues to love us with reckless abandon by spending every moment of every day with us, even though he is divine and we are mere mortals whose brains are severely limited compared to his infinite knowledge, and even though he loves us completely and unfailingly while we sin against him again and again.

And it’s not truly an abandonment of responsibilities to other people and tasks, because everything has its time. What we need to abandon is our over-responsibility or our expectations of what should get done or our slavery to the demands of others.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What does my sweetheart do that shows me that he/she loves me fervently?
  2. What do I enjoy doing that shows my sweetheart that I’m madly in love with him/her?

Strengthen your relationship:
Plan a crazy thing to do together, for the fun of it — something that doesn’t make logical sense in the agenda of normal activities. Can you imagine Jesus doing this with you, laughing and having fun? Say a prayer that invites Jesus to have fun with what you’re planning.

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