How to live life in love to the fullest

“How can we move on with our lives and not waste time thinking about our hurts? We can turn to Jesus to free us from things that block us from living our life to the fullest.” (Saint William of York)

Living love to the fullest - Living life to the fullJesus wants every couple and every family relationship to experience life to the fullest: life in Christ to the fullest. Life in love to the fullest.

Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world. We live amidst temptations to sin that, when followed, block that fullness of life. When others sin against us, we need healing. Even small sins that we try to overlook are detrimental to a healthy, happy relationship.

What do we do with the hurts, with the headaches, with the heartaches? We need to move on and heal. We need to overcome what’s evil and embrace what’s good and be nurtured by love.

Sometimes we don’t know how to reach healing. Then what? We might pretend that things are not so bad. But pain that’s stuffed down and suppressed becomes arthritis or back pain or heart attacks and mine fields that our beloved innocently triggers, exploding undeserved anger. Or we might anesthetize ourselves from the pain, which leads to addictions. And that causes more suffering.

Jesus has a better solution. We might need a counselor or spiritual director to find it, and if we don’t soon find his path to healing on our own, then we must find his helpers. The first step on the path, though, is easy to find. It’s forgiveness. Easy to find; maybe not easy to do. But unless we do it, we’re blocking ourselves from living our life to the fullest. This, too, needs help from Jesus to accomplish.

Are you following Christ? Then he is leading you to the healing and the freedom you need.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What hurts are preventing me from experiencing life and love to the fullest?
  2. What is Jesus telling me to do about it?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share the answer to the second question above. Then offer this prayer together, adding your own words as you think of them:

Dear Jesus, help us as a couple to walk the path of healing. Help us to heal from old wounds that were inflicted upon us before we knew each other. Help us to heal from the accidental hurts that we have inflicted upon each other. Help us to heal from the hurts caused by sin. Free us from unhealthy reactions to hurt. Show us how to embrace all the healing you want to provide. Help us to find the right help from others if that is what’s best for us. Amen!

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