Love that glows in the dark

Marriages that have Jesus Christ at the center glow in the dark. This is extremely important today, because we live in a very darkened world. Note: Glowing in the dark is not the same as reflecting the light of Christ.

Love that glows in the dark - stained glass windowWhen we as couples do what is good and live by the teachings of Christ, we reflect his light to those around us. In us, others see Christ’s love, whether they realize it or not. Our love for each other, our love that expands into love for children, and the ways we model what God’s love is like — this is how we reflect the light of Christ. People see what is beautiful about love. 

Our relationship with our sweetheart is like a church with beautiful stained glass windows that depict the life of Christ. When others sit in our presence, they can see the light of Christ pouring in through the windows. The colors of the glass reveal the stories in the windows.

Even more valuable, though, is the marriage that glows in the dark. This happens when our relationship suffers the dark night of the soul. The sun is gone, and the Son, Jesus, feels gone, too. Hardships and hurts make us feel like we’re sitting alone in that church, and due to the lack of daylight, the colors of the stained glass look black.

When the hardships and hurts come from within the marriage, the night is at its darkest. The only thing we can do with our sweetheart is to sit together. This is when we begin to glow in the dark. 

When all else fails, we must sit together in the church of God’s love. We can’t see its light, we can’t feel it’s warmth, but Jesus is still with us and he still cares. Mysteriously and wonderfully, we become the light of Christ. We’re not reflecting Christ, we are Christ. The suffering Christ, the sacrificial Christ, the forgiving and merciful Christ. With Christ, we remain steadfast in the purposes God designed for our marriage.

Our relationship with our sweetheart is now a church that glows from within. While the windows look black to us, the colors vibrantly radiate the life of Christ to those who are standing in the darkness outside. This is our calling as a couple during hardships.

Glowing in the dark transforms us into the image of Christ. Eventually, the daylight will return. When that day comes, we’ll realize how beneficial this transformation has been.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I reveal the light of Christ to my beloved?
  2. How does my beloved reveal the light of Christ to me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with each other what you believe happens when you persist through hardships even though you don’t always feel the closeness of Christ. Then pray together, asking the Holy Spirit to fill you both with more light – so much light that it radiates outward.

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