Is your love like a tsunami, a mountaintop, or a valley?

Love flows dailyLove doesn’t grow like a tidal wave — a tsunami of emotions flooding us with an assurance of true love. Love grows drip by drip from Christ’s Sacred Heart, day after day, gradually eroding away our stony hearts, smoothing the rough spots in our lives, forging channels that direct our love outward.

We probably felt that tsunami in the early days of romancing our sweetheart, but if we expect it after the wedding day, we’ll be disappointed and we’ll probably blame our beloved.

In scripture, what is often used to represent the Holy Spirit. There are times when we feel the Holy Spirit overwhelm us like a flood. If you’ll allow me to mix my metaphors, it’s a mountaintop experience or a spiritual high. But if we try to remain on the mountaintop, we’re no good to anyone on the valley. Or if we float atop the floodwaters soaking up the warm sunlight in our little boat, we’re no good to those who are still on the riverbanks. And Jesus is wants us to share his love with those who live in valleys and dry river banks.

The same is true for the ocean and mountaintop experiences we’ve had with our sweetheart. The real value of the relationship is the love that flows in the valley, the gentle current that carries us through daily life like a river that nourishes the life around it, benefitting others. 

Reflection Questions:

  1. What rough spots within me have been smoothed out by the flow of the daily love that my sweetheart gives me?
  2. How has my daily, ongoing, committed love for my sweetheart made a difference in his/her life?

Strengthen your relationship:
Describe to each other a time when you felt flooded by love. How did that feel? How did it benefit you? Describe the daily love of normal life that you offer to each other. How much do you rely on this? Is it sometimes unnoticed in the activities of the day? What can you do together to become more aware of it? Lastly, pray together, thanking Jesus for the daily flow of love.

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