Love that lasts eternally

HeavenThe things we do for love today will make a difference for all of eternity. Everything else is temporary. Even the worst heartbreaks are temporary, because someday all will be healed — in Heaven if not on Earth. 

Whatever we do for love, in love, and with love, these activities unite us to God who is Love. And God is eternal.

Keeping our vision focused toward eternity gets us through the hardships of the present life. Remembering that Heaven is our goal, we walk with Jesus as he leads us (and sometimes carries us) through unhappy earthly situations. His Holy Spirit teaches us important lessons during the journey, and thus no unhappiness need be pointless and unproductive. Everything, when looked at through the lens of Christ, becomes purification and spiritual growth, which becomes eternal joy.

In 1975, when Ralph and I made our wedding vows to each other, we committed our marriage to the durability of eternity. We replaced the words “till death do us part” with “from this day forward.” We began our marriage with an eye toward heaven and the unendingness of love.

This mindset of permanence and eternal love has gotten us through every bad mood, every argument, and every divisive problem that has happened to us. When both husband and wife trust Christ to lead them through everything that threatens to disrupt their relationship, and if they know that eventually they will be together in Heaven where love is lived fully and perfectly, their love for each other lasts and deepens until death and beyond.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I believe heaven will be like?
  2. What does my beloved believe about heaven?

Strengthen your relationship:
Begin with a prayer thanking Jesus for the eternal life he has provided for you by his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection. Thank him also for being part of your love relationship. Then share with each other your thoughts about Heaven.

Suggestion: How can you explore the Church’s teachings about the afterlife together, to learn more? The Catechism of the Catholic Church is one source of information about the afterlife. You can start here.

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