The long or short of it

The long or short of it - Choose the right pathThere’s a long way to get through marriage problems and a short way, just as there is both a long way and a short way to get to the place of spiritual maturity where we experience the peace and joy of God’s kingdom here on earth.

We can open an envelope by the long side or by the short side. Both methods get us to the gift check inside, but if we know there’s a treasure inside, why delay the joy of receiving it?

Most people, unfortunately, choose the long way. It’s the path of self: I make my own moral judgments between what’s okay and what’s sin (moral relativism). I choose to spend little time in prayer or faith education or reading the Bible, because I choose to spend more time on my own agenda; I’m afraid that if I spend more time doing spiritual activities, I won’t have enough time to get everything else done. (And so forth.)

The short way is the path of closely following Christ by putting daily effort into our relationship with his Holy Spirit. This way, we receive inspirations that solve problems. We receive supernatural peace during stressful situations. We receive words that connect us to our sweetheart when otherwise we’d suffer division.

God provides many different helps that improve our relationships and turn bad times into blessings. However, to open ourselves to that help, we have to become enthusiastic about working on our faith growth.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What have I done that has sped up my faith growth?
  2. Is my beloved growing spiritually at the same rate as me, or slower, or faster?

Strengthen your relationship:
Tell each other what you admire most about where he/she is in faith growth. Then name one or two ways you’d like to put more effort into spiritual growth. End with a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to help you with it.

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