Intellectual listening blocks love

Intellectual ListeningWe can listen to our beloved with our head or with our heart. When we listen using our intellects, we receive knowledge, which is information given. When we listen with a heartfelt openness, we receive knowledge and take it in as one who is in formation; we are a person who is open to growth and healing and new insights.

Marriages suffer when communication is received only on the intellectual level. Our relationship with Christ suffers, too, when we listen to scripture, homilies, hymns, and the caring outreach of our beloved only with our intellect. And our own souls suffer, because a faith that exists primarily in the intellect is vulnerable to accepting spiritual falsehoods, worldly interpretations of right and wrong, and self-satisfaction for remaining this way, with no interest in changing and growing.

Thus, we miss out on the love from God and our spouses that is greater than our intellect can imagine.

The connector between our head and our heart is the Holy Spirit. A sincere and heartfelt prayer asking for help from the Holy Spirit will open our hearts to receive the love we long to know.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How often and readily am I changed by a faith-based statement that my beloved tells me?
  2. What could my beloved gain from me if I put more effort into my spiritual growth?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with each other what you like best about how your beloved listens to you. Are you more of an information-based listener or a formation-based listener? How does this affect your relationship? How does it affect your spiritual life? Pray together, asking the Holy Spirit to help you share from your hearts more easily and freely.

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