Imperfect substitutes

No one can love us a perfectly as God does. No one — not even our sweethearts — can love us as well, as faithfully, as mercifully, or as joyfully as God does. God’s love for us is radical: It is the root of our love for others, and it radically changes our lives when we embrace it.

The more we embrace God’s Radical Love for us, the more we are able to love our spouses — more fully, more faithfully, and more joyfully, in good times and in bad. And the more our spouses embrace God’s Radical Love for them, the better they become at loving us.

Imperfect substitutes - worshipping God's love together

Often, however, we want our sweethearts to be God for us. We want them to love us more, and we pout when they don’t, or we get angry, impatient, or unmercifully more demanding. Or addicted to shopping or television or internet surfing.

We need to pay attention to our expectations. We need to remind ourselves that no one can be a perfect substitute for Jesus and his sacrificial love. When we feel disappointed by this, it’s time we turn our attention back to Jesus and meditate on his love for us. And then thank God that our sweethearts love us as much as they do.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What attributes and character traits does my beloved have that remind me of Jesus?
  2. In what ways do I love my beloved the way Jesus loves me?

Strengthen your relationship:
Share with each other your favorite image of Jesus. Explain why that picture or visualization is so meaningful. Then pray together to that Jesus, thanking him for those attributes and character traits of his that are also in your sweetheart.

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