How to be a champion of love

Mary our role modelAre the Reflections for Couples making a difference in your relationship? Do you want Good News Ministries to continue publishing them?

I’ve had to stop writing them (hopefully this is only temporary), because I’m spending the time on something else: finding support for the continuation of this ministry.

Last December’s fundraiser is nearly depleted, and I would like to invite you to make an investment in the mission of Good News Ministries. 

Think, for a minute, of what worries you about our world today: the ugly ways that the world is encroaching upon the Church, such as insisting that Catholics must embrace same sex marriages as “healthy” and “good” or that it’s okay to abort and dismember unborn babies to sell their body parts. And what about how the world is devaluing parenthood and family life, and convincing couples whom you know that it’s okay to have marital relations without marriage vows. Good News Ministries is committed to making an impact in people’s hearts and lives. We’re always working to find more ways to reach more people.

You can help! I know you care about marriage — including the marriages of others. Here are a few of the reasons why each and every contribution, even a small one, is extremely important:

quoteMy marriage was in trouble and I asked you to pray. I was very touched when you took time to send an email of personal encouragement and prayer. Thank you! … We are in a much better space. Praise Him!” (Andrea in New Zealand)

quoteThe work you are doing is saving souls and helping souls to go to Heaven. Thank you so much for all you do. Big Hugs to you. Your website with all of its resources brings my family and I much comfort, enjoyment, quality of life and a closer relationship with Jesus. I love the site where Jesus talks directly to us; my family and I listen to it together.” (Mary in U.S.A.)

quoteIn this present culture of consumerism and worldly pleasures, you are a beacon of light shining in the darkness. Please don’t be discouraged. We need you.” (Crescence in India)

quote GNM is like a candle to us Catholics who are being persecuted for our faith.” (Marcelina in Malaysia)

quoteIt has helped me through many sad difficult times: Family deaths and suicides, marriage breakups, children not practicing their faith, alcoholism in the family, financial matters, health matters, even our marriage. Good News Ministries has been a tool for me to cope and come through some very hard times.” (Paulette in Canada)

My promise to everyone reading this: We will never charge a fee for any GNM services. The problem is: It takes a staff of five to keep it going, in addition to the many volunteers who help. Unless many people support us generously throughout the year, I will have to lay off some of our staff and take their work load onto myself, which means no time left over to write more Reflections for Couples.

donate to support this ministryPlease partner with Ralph and me as a Champion of Love. Donate generously today at

quoteIf you have great wealth, give alms out of your abundance; if you have but little, do not be afraid to give alms even of that little. You will be storing up a goodly treasure for yourself against the day of adversity. For almsgiving delivers from death and keeps one from entering into Darkness. Almsgiving is a worthy offering in the sight of the Most High for all who practice it.” (Tobit 4:8-11)

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© 2017 by Terry Modica of Good News Ministries

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