How much is your love worth?

We spend time and money on whatever we believe is worth more than it actually costs. Value is computed by what we get plus how much we enjoy it multiplied by feeling satisfied or fulfilled. This formula applies to our love relationships as much as it does to our purchases.

value - bread and butterThe value of a meal at a restaurant is more to us than the price listed on the menu if the food is delicious to our taste buds, or else we wouldn’t invest time and gas money to get there. The value is even greater if we’re dining with our beloved in a relaxed, romantic atmosphere.

Likewise, the value of spending time conversing with our beloved is based on our perception of what will be achieved plus our enjoyment of it multiplied by feeling heard and believed. When we feel unheard or disbelieved, we experience the poverty of a poor interaction.

Sometimes we choose to humbly live with this poverty, but when the value of being believed and making a difference is high enough, we fight to get our sweetheart’s attention. The question is: How? Add in the value of having a good love relationship, which comes with the higher cost of suppressing our pride and choosing to forgive. The result is a solution that gives us a more peaceful way to get our point across.

In everything we do with our beloved and all that we choose not to do, consciously or unconsciously, our love relationship is affected by the value we assign to it. By becoming more aware of how important it is to deepen trust, reliability, warmth, and everything else that we want from the relationship, and by investing more in it, we become more successful in love.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How much time do I normally invest in my relationship with my sweetheart?
  2. Do I believe that my sweetheart values me highly?

Strengthen your relationship:
Decide how to add value to your time together this week. Pray together asking the Holy Spirit to help you achieve this goal.

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